The Kitchen

Opening in 2019, our new 3000 square foot facility will include 1200 square feet of commercial production kitchen space. With an layout designed to optimize the flow of production, we will be able to produce an average of two pallets of pickles per production day at full working capacity. With space for Pallet racking and storage, An Office, and room next door for growth, this facility is the perfect site for a small business to grow and thrive. For Information regarding renting this production facility for your food business needs, please email Jessica @



Started in November 2018, Construction is expected to take approximately 4 months, and then possibly another month for installing equipment and prepping for opening.



The kitchen will feature a high temp batch pasteurizer, large gas double wall kettle, a full conveyor setup to move products through the room efficiently, and a 10 x 10 refrigerated space for storing fresh produce and finished cold goods.



The warehouse is truck accessible via a 14’ bay door to the outside, and a 12’ door into the kitchen. Semi trucks will have plenty of room for loading and maneuvering around the outside of the building, and for smaller orders we will have a will call door as well.